Hauteville renovation in Lisieux: CNL “favors people over green spaces”

Members of the National Housing Federation in Liseu (Calvados), early March 2020. (© Archives of Le Pays d’Auge)

In the neighborhood Hotville to me Lizio (Calvados), members of the National Housing Federation (CNL) has a mission, representation and defense of tenants. The association has always been skeptical of a project Urban renewal, And raising concerns of tenants.

Many, especially the elders of the neighborhood, had difficulty accepting the demolition of their buildings: “When you live 20, 30, or 40 years in a dwelling, it is difficult to uproot yourself,” she notes Fabrice Alexander, President.

The first moves “started in 2019”. So “it’s time” to start work: “When they see that homes will remain empty for a while, they misunderstand that impulse to push them to act quickly,” says the CNL member.

Housing Charter, “Guarantee”

Thanks to th Resettlement Pact, Removals are covered by lessors. This charter, signed in 2019, is “a guarantee, as it requires landlords to submit at least three housing proposals that correspond to the tenant’s wishes.” Even if not everything is perfect according to the association: “We are told that no tenant will be left unresolved. But there are still pressures in the back. When only two or three remain in the building and the rest is empty, they are told that they must leave, that they are demanding. Many of their requests. Even if you are not in the majority, some cases have been reported. “

CNL will look into the case of tenants of the Sagem Towers, who “don’t know what sauce they’re going to eat in” according to Fabrice Alexander, while the three towers will be demolished.

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Quality of housing and living together

Demolitions, to be exact. Many go badly with members of the National Housing Federation. Especially those buildings are in good condition and have elevators, while “the inhabitants of Lisieux as elsewhere are getting old”. Fabrice Alexander takes an example “at 20 Coty Street, near the first shopping mall, one of the last to be built in Hautville”:

Like others, it is not torn down in terms of housing quality, but because we have not mastered living together for so long. For years, drug smuggling was allowed throughout Hauteville. Lanro will not change that. We will move people, but we will not solve the problem.

Fabrice AlexanderPresident of CNL

The association “has, however, heard about some housing units” and is happy to preserve the Enolia building on Eugene Bowden Street and those at 5 and 7 Marshall Lyautey Street.

Not enough housing had been rebuilt in Hauteville according to the Association

Despite everything, yet 650 demolished, Alone One hundred housing units It will be rebuilt in Hauteville. Very little, according to the association, which says it is “concerned” about “the huge loss of population” in the region, which today houses nearly 7,500 people.

One of the stated goals of NPNRU (The New National Urban Renewal Program) is to make the neighborhood “greener”: “There is no shortage of green space, we are already affluent,” says Fabrice Alexander. We prefer people to green spaces. “

For these new buildings, CNL requires landlords “that the new housing is accessible at the rental level.” The association expresses its concerns on this topic, and will remain vigilant.

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