Haunted Space: A horror and space action game revealed with the video

editor Incorporating games And developer Italian Games Factory It was unveiled this week Haunted Space, an intriguing horror game that uses the mechanics of practical title and space flight simulations-With exploration, space combat and ship customization.

Haunted Space takes place in the distant futureWhile human civilization is in its second era. The galaxy has arrived Netron And discovered Sonic issue, A strong energy drawn from the planets of this system thanks to Prof. Metal master station. Problem, Humans are not the only species out there. The player thus embodies A. adventurer In pushingEmpire of men Who should Explore the galaxy by completing quests, fighting, and collecting resources while facing an ancient alien civilization. First trailer sets the tone, should be found above.

Haunted space It has no release date, however Actually expected on PC via steamAnd PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s.

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