Hate crime | A man has been charged with assaulting seven Asian women in New York

(New York) A New York court announced Monday that a man who violently attacked seven Asian women on the streets of Manhattan in late February within three hours has been charged with a “hate crime.”

Posted at 5:30 pm.

On February 27 between 6 and 9 p.m., 28-year-old Stephen Zajonc assaulted and beat seven Asian women in eastern and central Manhattan in New York City, the attorney general said in a statement.

“Stephen Zajonc chose to attack seven women by attacking them separately, some of them were hit from behind, the only reason being his awareness” of their ethnicity, the prosecutor continued.

Mr. Bragg specifies that the suspect “hit” his victims “in the face with his fist or elbow before escaping”. One of them was even “knocked down” by her attacker.

“These attacks on seven New York women, each fueled by anti-Asian hatred, provide new food for thought about the clear concerns that people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent continue to face, especially women,” criticized the Manhattan attorney general, the first American of African descent in this position he has held since January.

All the victims sustained facial injuries and one of them was taken to hospital due to a concussion.

The suspect was arrested on March 2 by the New York Police Department (NYPD) thanks to CCTV footage and testimony from employees of the Greater New York Public Library, and charged with “felony third-degree hate-motivated assault” and “second-degree aggravated harassment”, according to Prosecution.

Mr. Bragg said his office is investigating 27 anti-Asian crime cases.

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In February, he lamented that the number of investigations into crimes against Asians had not been this high (33 at the time), since a special unit was set up in Manhattan in 2010.

Racist attacks against Asians have been on the rise in the United States since 2020 and the beginnings of the coronavirus pandemic. Some associations blame the speech of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) who regularly spoke of the “Chinese virus”.

In the context of rising crimes and misdemeanours in New York since 2020, authorities are also citing psychological disturbances in many of the attackers, such as in January when an Asian woman died after an unbalanced man pushed her onto the subway rails while entering a train. station.

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