Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest reproduced in the UK

« Follow the path of the forest and witness the luminous scenes of the magical world de Harry Potter. » This is the promise he made for this new website event Warner Bros.. On July 21, the entertainment studio announced the creation of an unforgettable event for fans of the magical saga in the heart of the United Kingdom titled Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest Experience. The company cooperates with production, design and entertainment agencies Thinkwell, fever And Autism, to recreate the mysterious atmosphere of the forbidden forest that surrounds the School of Magic Hogwarts. In the city of Arly, in Cheshire more precisely, it would be necessary to go to live this unprecedented experience. Warner And its partners control the woods of Arley Hall & Gardens, a picturesque country house built in the 1830s not far from Manchester.

Visit the Forbidden Forest

On the sidelines Harry Potter studio tour de Levisden, Warner Bros. It continues to exploit the most prolific saga ever by offering fans an engaging new experience. This time the visit will be at night and outdoors, to immerse yourself, as HarryAnd rune And Hermione, in the mysterious, dark but magical atmosphere of the Forbidden Forest. In books and movies, the three witches have amazing encounters there. Centaurs, rhinos, giants, dragons… Who knows what visitors will see during their enchanted vacation? To arouse public curiosity, Warner Bros. Have planned to put the package. ” At nightfall, charming lights will transform the landscape into a magical outdoor pathway for families to enjoy. As they wander through the forest and follow the illuminated path, visitors will discover wonderful surprises, some of their favorite moments from the Forbidden Forest, and meet mystical creatures such as hippogriffs, centaurs, rhinos, nefflers – and many more. » You can read on the website of the event agency.

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Warner Bros.

magical activities

Prepare the baguette! In addition to attending reenactments of their favorite scenes, visitors will also be able to participate! Encounter magical animals, create their own Patronos, and show off rituals with the Hippogriff… With a bit of luck, you might come face-to-face with the Ford Anglia… rune And Harry They used to go to school in their second year. To end the visit on a gourmet note, guests can also visit Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest Experience Village Enjoy magical desserts or sit down with a glass of butterbeer and feast in the Great Hall Hogwarts. Of course, a shopping area will be provided for those who wish to leave with a magic wand, time flapper or their favorite Quidditch team scarf. The first tickets went online on Thursday, July 29 for the trial that will open next October.

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience, Arley Hall & Gardens, Arley, Northwich, CW9 6NA, from October 2021. https://hpforbiddenforestexperience.com

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