Harry Jones’ job is not in danger

Jerry Jones can sleep comfortably as he is sure to return as head coach of the Montreal Alois in 2022.

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General Manager Danny Macciusia said on Tuesday the 50-year-old would return to the role for another season.

Earlier this month, during an end-of-campaign review, Sparrows GM said it wanted Jones back, without official confirmation of that.

“We have work ahead of us and we have to find solutions,” he said at the time.

The coach has since managed to convince his boss that he is still the right person to do the job.

We spent several hours together and Khari gave me a plan that I feel comfortable with. Now we need to turn it on. “We are continuing with Khari, and I have great confidence in him,” Makusia said.

Joining the Alouettes in 2018 as offensive coordinator, Jones was promoted to head coach just days after the start of the 2019 season, following the sacking of Mike Sherman. That season, he also served as co-manager after Cavis Reid was fired.

So the 2020 campaign was his first as he was solely focused on his job as head coach. Jones has held the record 17-15 at the helm so far, but still couldn’t win a playoff in two games after the season ended.

Image source: Joël Lemay / Agence QMI

Lots of work to do

For his part, Maciocia continues to work hard to improve his team for the upcoming season.

“I’d like to settle the quarterback case soon. There too [le receveur de passes] Eugene Lewis is a free agent. I’m looking for another Canadian offensive lineman. “There are a lot of files on my desk,” the leader revealed when asked about his next priorities.

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So the football guy will work on this before taking some time to celebrate the holiday season with his family. Then, 2022 will begin with a trip to our neighbors to the south.

“There are pot games in the US, especially in Texas, Florida, California and Vegas. I’ll be on the road for a good three weeks.”

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