Harmony OS: A video showing us in more detail how Huawei’s new OS works


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A new video of Huawei’s operating system, Harmony OS, shows us in more detail the various aspects of this upcoming Android competitor.

They were two … until today there were three! This is how we can summarize in the coming years the arrival of the operating system for Huawei, Harmony OS, in a world dominated by Android and iOS. It must be said that even if this OS is still in its infancy, He will be able to take advantage of a huge Chinese marketWhich could allow it to develop quietly while the United States and China continue their trade war. Harmony OS is clearly no longer in the only phase of the project. Since we already saw that it was working on Huawei Mate X2 recently. Taste followed today by a more complete video where we see more.

And this OS that’s featured here on the Huawei Mate 40 Pro, It appears to provide a somewhat amazing speed for opening applications, even if according to the commenter, this maximum fluidity applies to the original Huawei applications.. It will be necessary to see with the use how the interface will interact with applications from external developers. The whole thing is clearly reminiscent of EMUI 11, Huawei’s Android Overlay. The big question now is knowing at what level our favorite apps will be compatible with Harmonys OS, which will determine the success of this OS outside of China!

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