Happiness. The Happiness Course in the UK makes students happy

At the University of Bristol, first-year students have been taking “science of happiness” subjects since 2019. According to a study published by The Guardian, the impact on their health is final.

Did the University of Bristol find the key to happiness? This pleasure “Very difficult to achieve, especially in these difficult times”, Highlight Defender. Some first-year students, London Daily Report, “They seem to be happy on any occasion since they learned a lesson in this matter.”.

Launched in 2019 by the establishment, in response to this “The growing number of mental health problems among students across the UK is worrying,” he said. The course casually proposes to study the “science of happiness”. The first in the country, modeled on the example of Yale University United States.

In detail, continues Defender, The course consists of two parts, spread over three months. The first, theoretically, explains the psychological and neurological aspect of the question. “What is happiness and why does it happen”, The newspaper summarizes. The second, practical, invites students “Please do an act, talk to strangers, sleep well, enjoy an experience”. In the “circles of happiness”, complete Defender, They are also asked “Think about the impact Social Websites To explore their well-being, how hope contributes to their longevity, and to record their thoughts on their mental health in an online journal each week. ”

No choice

At the end of the semester, there is no exam, students are automatically awarded 20 scholarships, which is one-sixth of the total required for verification

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