Hamza Tawsale, the first Muslim Lord Mayor of Westminster

Another MRE makes a political breakthrough. In a statement, Westminster City Council announced on May 8 that Labor member Hamza Toussaint had been elected Lord Mayor of the City of Westminster. “The only black, Asian or multi-ethnic person to hold the position of first citizen of the city,” he noted.

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The young politician welcomed his election with great joy and boundless joy. “It’s a real honor and a privilege and an absolute surprise,” said Hamza Tawssel, who “rarely” has Lord Mayors born and raised in a city like his. A young man from the working class wants to revolutionize the Moroccan-British apolitical character and engage in local community.

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“Many people do not know what Lord Mayor is doing or is doing, and I want to change that in the year of my inauguration,” the new graduate of King’s College London promised. This is a job that goes beyond politics, so you have to keep the office out of the day-to-day business of the council or you will lose its importance. ⁇

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