Hamilton understands environmental activists but tells them not to ‘put themselves in danger’

A year ago, activists put themselves in danger while trying to storm the UK’s Silverstone Grand Prix track. Lewis Hamilton spoke in welcoming the intention, but implored the demonstrators not to put themselves in danger.

linked. Conscious. There is no shortage of words to describe Lewis Hamilton, who is so much more than an athlete. Her notoriety allows her to participate in and promote various social causes, including diversity and inclusion. So it makes sense for the Brit to say he understands Demonstration bets and activity. But it is still measured on the way. Last year, environmental activists attempted to storm the Silverstone circuit during the British Grand Prix, an act considered dangerous.

Protesters or activists are welcome […] I think they are trying to make a positive change. “We don’t want people to be on the right track and put themselves in danger,” says Lewis Hamilton in the comments we quoted. Sky Sports.

The Mercedes driver particularly understands the essence and messages of these demos: “It creates conversations and dialogues and is often useful, if done in the right way. And we need changes.”

Hamilton is hoping for a different scenario this year

A few days before the 2023 Silverstone Grand Prix, Hamilton hopes the scenario will not repeat itself: “I hope we don’t have the same scenario as last year. But as I said, I will always support peaceful protest.”

The number of participants in the Grand Prix this week is expected to reach 480 thousand people. The Silverstone manager plans to devote more resources to security. However, his message is clear: ‘My message is, don’t put your life in danger. This is not the place to go and sit on the right track.’

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