Hamilton ‘grieved’ over a photo of him revealing a lack of diversity in discipline

In 2019, Lewis Hamilton snapped traditional family photos with the Mercedes team, the evening of the last Grand Prix of the season, in Abu Dhabi. The British pilot later realized he was the only black man in the picture, which saddened him for his struggle for diversity, as he explained in the Wall Street Journal.

Lewis Hamilton didn’t realize it at the time. Apparently all the smiles at the end of the 2019 Formula 1 season that allowed him to win his sixth world title, the Briton had thrown up with the entire Mercedes staff. One of these photos was taken by the official F1 account on Instagram. It was then that the star saw the obvious: He was the only black person in the picture.

Lewis Hamilton said in an interview revealed on Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal.

Lewis Hamilton with the Mercedes team, in Abu Dhabi, December 1, 2019
Lewis Hamilton with the Mercedes team, in Abu Dhabi on December 1, 2019 © Hoch Zwei / Icon Sport

“Why am I the only black pilot to be hacked?”

Since his impressive dominance in motorsports, Lewis Hamilton has championed the fight against racism and discrimination. Which has him questioning himself and diversity in F1. According to a study by the UK’s National Academy of Engineering, less than 1% of the people who work in Formula 1 are black. “Why am I the only black knight that broke through?” asks the hero.

Before he was the spokesman for the Black Lives Matter movement in F1, Lewis Hamilton had to make a decision in the past to take it upon himself. Also in this interview in The Wall Street Journal, remembers the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix, where spectators made a blackface (their face painted black) and wrote “Hamiltons family” on their shirt. “I remember the pain I felt that day, he remembers, according to a script daily Mail. But I didn’t say anything. I had no one. Nobody said anything. I’ve seen people keep quiet.”

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