Halo Infinite will include content from the series

We live in an era where excellence Hello It exists on several fronts. On the one hand, we have a video game, with an extension infinite aura Which unites single and multiplayer players. On the other hand, we discover a large budget chain that is supposed to make the main boss known to as many people as possible. A merger of the two was possible… and now Brian Garrard, Community Manager is almost confirmed Hello. It’s through Interview to Washington Postthat Garrard talked about thinking internally about how to pair items from the series to Halo Infinite.

We have content inspired by the series that will be joining the game in the future.

Although no date has been set, Jarrard makes no secret of the purpose of this maneuver.

We want to drown as many people as possible. You like the series, discover the game I remind you of for free. We are trying to find a way to create bridges between the two. I think you’ll see references in one way, as well as the other. trying to create something fun thing.

until that time, infinite auraSo the game The second season of the multiplayer will be arriving on May 3. Good news, but the downside to this change is the postponement of cooperation again …

Excellence Hello It is definitely at its peak. With 343 Industries on all fronts, just as much infinite aura as co-producers of the series it is based on. with one internal review of the organizationto adapt to the workload that this implies, we can clearly say that Microsoft will succeed!

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Halo series trailer:

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