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It’s been a month since players from all over the world have enjoyed playing free multiplayerinfinite aura. Unfortunately, like other games developed by 343 Industries, FPS fans are not satisfied with what the game offers at launch. However, 343 Industries has been improving its game since its launch by keeping up with players and a new game update has arrived today.

December 15th Update: Stability Fixes

The December 15 update weighs about 1 GB to download. This is a hotfix that fixes some issues, but doesn’t add anything new to the game. You will find the list of fixes below.

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  • Improvements to Online Services connections after returning to Halo Infinite via Quick Resume on Xbox Series X consoles | S. Players should benefit from faster and more stable reconnects.


  • MJOLNIR Armor customizations collected in the campaign are now always unlocked in the multiplayer customization menu.
  • Players who haven’t received theirs, either due to a loss of their internet connection or using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X consoles, must now unlock customizations. S.
  • The reliability of Xbox achievements is improved in this update.
  • Achievements progress no longer progresses when completed, but will unlock as intended when their conditions are met.
  • If the achievement conditions were met before this update, but the achievement has not yet been unlocked, it must be unlocked after installing this update.

December 14th Update: New Halo Infinite Playlists

Since November 15, players have not been satisfied with the matchmaking system that does not allow playing in the modes of their choice. But as 343 Industries determined last weekend, 4 playlists are now included in the game. However, the Slayer playlist initially planned for the return of Christmas holidays is finally available today.

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Four new playlists

  • killer team
  • Free Assassin for All (FFA)
  • killer party
  • Tactical Killer (SWAT)

However, we regret the lack of a playlist of thematic modes, but we imagine the developers will improve all this in the coming months.

If you don’t see these playlists in the game, close and restart Halo Infinite to make sure you receive the latest changes. The matchmaking list can also be scrolled down, so be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the available options.

Improve challenges in Halo Infinite

Also as expected, improvements have been made to in-game challenges so that they are less frustrating and allow for more XP. Here is the list of modifications.

  • Reduce or remove some difficult challenges
  • The ultimate weekly challenges are now less intense
  • New challenges for new playlists have been added in this update
  • A new type of challenge that rewards personal points in in-game matches

Halo Infinite is now available on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC through Steam and the Microsoft Store. The campaign has just appeared for the first time and is of course included in Xbox Game Pass Console, PC, and Xbox Cloud games. Multiplayer, for its part, is available to everyone for free.

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