Halo Infinite – meat version of launch

Whileinfinite aura It’s still planned for the end of the year, and the bad news still follows for this free-to-play from Microsoft. In fact, after the first delay at the end of last year due to poor feedback from players, and several additional months of waiting for fans to try out a closed beta, the latter will now do so. Reduced version in terms of content at launch of the game. An advertisement that worries more than one about the viability of the game when it is released.

In fact, despite several additional months of development, studio 343 Industries has just announced that several modes will be absent during the first months of the game. So players will not be happy to enjoy the campaign in co-op when it launches. From setting forge. In question, the difficulties relate to the complexity of the development of the campaign with cooperation and all that results from it.

“Unfortunately, as the team is focused on the final stages, and we really care about the quality of the launch experience, we made the very difficult decision to postpone the launch of the co-op campaign. We also made the difficult decision to postpone the post-launch deployment of Forge.”

However, a release timeline has already been sent to us regarding when Co-op and Forge Mode will be available on Halo Infinite. Thus, the first mode will be released with the second season while Forge will only be available with season 3. Knowing that each season should normally last for 3 months, it will be necessary to wait 6 months after the launch of the game to take advantage of the possibility to create their own modes and maps.

But despite the diminishing of the starting content, the developers once again confirm their willingness to release it infinite aura At the end of the year on Microsoft consoles and on PC, without giving a specific release date.

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