Halo Infinite – BTB is on the list for the next trip

If what we remember is better than the development update for 343 industries This month will be Postpone the co-op campaign and formation modeHowever, this is not the only news the studio has shared with us, as the developers have announced a sequel to the test sessions infinite aura.

After inviting hundreds of thousands of players X-Box and PC in the July technical preview, 343 industries We expect to see bigger things for the next testing session soon. Not just more program members Hello from the inside They will be invited, but the situation Big team battle It will be on the list in matchmaking, which in all likelihood will allow you to experience the hash map shown below, as well as a 4v4 mode between players.

During the technical preview, this last mode was only available for a few hours, and the majority of the flight was against bots or in training sessions for different weapons. These two modes will also be available in the second flight for players who were not selected in July.

Other game functions are expected to appear during this new testing session, the date of which has yet to be announced. As with all previous flight tests Halo: The Master Chief Collection And infinite auraSessions are only open to accounts Microsoft Registered in the program Hello from the inside. click here To register not already done, be sure to fill in all your information to make you eligible for the test.

What do you think of the technical preview? Will you participate in the new Halo Infinite test session?

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