Halo: Canal + confirms the series will air from April 28

Broadcasting in the US since March 24 and previewing in Canneseries, the Halo event series will be available exclusively from April 28 on Canal+, with two episodes every Thursday at 9pm and available on MyCanal.

Directed by Kyle Killen (Awake) and Steven Kane (The Last Ship), and produced by Amblin Television, Steven Spielberg’s production company, the series is based on the scenario of the first game in the popular video game saga of the name – Game Icon. Xbox franchise with 82 million copies sold since 2001 – “Halo – Combat Evolved”.

Comedian Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) plays Spartan John-117, better known as Master Chief, a member of the army made up of genetically modified super soldiers equipped with the latest advanced technology responsible for defending the Earth against the Covenant.

The nine episodes “in stunning visual language” from Halo, “centered around morality, the thirst for freedom and one’s place in a galaxy organized around a supra-artificial intelligence.” They follow the military and personal battles of Major John-117, but also Dr. Hasley/Natasha McCallon (Californication), the unfathomably brilliant scientist, the character of the imperfection responsible for humanity’s survival.

The first episode dives into 2552, on the planet Madrigal… “Under the influence of the UN Security Council, rebellious humans are fighting for their independence. But a violent attack by aliens from the Covenant Alliance reshuffles the cards. Coming from the planet, Reach, the headquarters of the UN Security Council Major John 117 and his team of Spartans – superhumans like him – join the Rebels to fight the aliens.Major discovers that Covenant forces have been trying to extract a UFO from one of the walls.He returns to Reach with the object, but also with Kwan, the sole survivor of the Madrigal massacre. ..”.

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Note that the second season is already in production.

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