Halo 4 MCC – New content is on the way

November 6, 2022 falls on 10e birthday Halo 4And the 343 industries Celebrate this occasion by advertising New content and new release features Halo: The Master Chief Collection of this authorship.

The studio begins by reminding that as with all the other games in the collection, Halo 4 Coming soon to its own editing tools. skulls Bandana And the Acrophobia It’ll also match the title soon, as well as the golden Moah figurines to discover in the levels.

Tactical packs and supportive improvements missing since the assembly was released in 2014 (including survivorAnd the Recharge And the resistance) soon in Master Chef Collection.

But the biggest surprise that the studio revealed today is the development of the situation movie theater to countryside and the Spartan Ops From Halo 4 ! Thus, you will be able to revisit your missions in these modes for the first time, since only multiplayer was compatible with cinema in Xbox 360.

343 industries Indicates that some of the content and features announced today will be part of the November update for Halo: The Master Chief Collectionwhile others will take a little longer to develop and thus lead to their arrival at a later time.

As a reminder, the main antagonist of Halo 4The Didact, will make his big comeback in the novel Halo: an epitaph Advertising 2 weeks ago.

What do you think of this new content for Halo 4 in the Master Chief Collection? What are your best memories from this album?

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