GXO oversees Majestic Wine e-commerce logistics in the UK and Ireland

Uses Majestic Wine, an English wine distributor GXO LogisticsA contract logistics service provider that manages its orders in stores (200 stores), as well as via the Internet, to the United Kingdom and Ireland. “Our collaboration with GXO began long before the high season of 2021 and we are very pleased with their performance.”Says Sue Roberts, director of the Majestic wine supply chain. “GXO has been in operation for our e-commerce channel since the beginning of 2022, but we are already seeing the benefits of greater accuracy and productivity, which translates to greater consumer satisfaction.”.

6,300 m² storage in the UK

To honor its contract, GXO will use 6,300 m² of storage space located on the premises of eight warehouses in West Hall, UK. The service provider will process e-commerce orders there. He can customize them by adding a greeting message on a card. “We are pleased to add the e-Commerce Channel to our current retail chain solution for Majestic Wine.”Gavin Williams, Managing Director of the United Kingdom and GXO Ireland. “We use our logistics expertise to effectively support Majestic Wine’s two distribution channels and its mission, which is to introduce more wines, beers and spirits to attract customers.”.

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