Guatemala and Mexico | Kamala Harris criticized after her first international work

(Washington) Kamala Harris, who returned to Washington after her first international trip as vice president, was fired Wednesday from Republican criticism, accusing her of not taking the immigration “crisis” seriously, but of her party’s left.

Alody Cousin and Michael Meths
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Republican Senator John Corn told the AFP Wednesday in congressional halls that the trip was a “missed opportunity.”

Short sentences

In Guatemala on Monday after Tuesday in Mexico, Joe Biden’s number two was matched for short sentences, at least in the conservative media, with the primary purpose of his journey: poverty, crime – this is the thousands of immigrants from Mexico and the “Northern Triangle” (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador for 15 years) Stimulates to come in numbers.

Accused by the Democratic president in March of tackling this thorny issue, he did not put forward major measures during his tour.

The former senator signed a memorandum of understanding with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador aimed at “overcoming the root causes of immigration” and helping residents “find confidence in the home.”

But at each stage, the same question arose: to see for himself the consequences of the “crisis” that Republicans are constantly denouncing, why hasn’t the Vice President gone to the southern border yet?

It was Joe Biden who made this massive visit by promising a “most humane” immigration policy after Donald Trump and his “zero tolerance”.

Nervous laughter

In response, Kamala Harris first called an imaginary frontier visit “pose.” Angered by the constant questioning on the matter, the former senator has repeatedly come up with a nervous laugh with his answers.

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When a reporter asked her again why she did not go to the border with Mexico, she had this wonderful line on the NBC: “I did not go to Europe”.

Many moments have been swirling around the Conservatives ’channels and Twitter accounts.

Republicans accused Kamala Harris of “considering the crisis on our southeastern border as a hilarious joke.”

“He did not go for the flaw in our immigration system: the border,” said Senator Cornin, based on Donald Trump’s four – year mandate, in particular, on the promise to build a border wall.

Without stopping to say, “He actually flew twice on our southern border,” another Republican senator, James Langford, told the AFP.

“Don’t come”

In Ciudad de Guatemala on Monday, the former lawyer had a clear message “for those who want to walk the dangerous path to the border between the United States and Mexico”: “Do not come.”

Not enough to convince Republicans. James Langford said their “policies were the opposite.”

The same words angered the Democrat left.

“Disappointing”, Alexandria judged the youth elected in the assembly of the Occasio-Cortez.

“This ‘die from here’ approach is not the way to improve the most just and humane way of migration for our country,” tweeted her colleague Rashida Tlip.

The White House gave him its ந்த lukewarm support. Kamala Harris “does exactly what the president told her to do,” spokeswoman Jen Zaki told reporters.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s vice president for eight years, knows it well: the vice presidency, often in the shadows, can sometimes be ungrateful.

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At the time, he was also in charge of an important immigration file. His number two faces even more difficult work, experts say, as economic conditions in the region worsen with epidemics and natural disasters.

In the Senate, his Democratic counterparts made the most charismatic diagnosis Wednesday.

“I see she is a strong leader and I look forward to seeing the results of her journey,” Sherrod Brown told AFP.

Then “he was the Attorney General of California,” added Tim Cain, a large state on the border with Mexico.

“I imagine she knows a lot more about the border than some who criticize him.”

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