Gruissan: Line Colors 2 brings life to the contemporary art space

Trait 2 couleurs has been in full swing since its launch at the opening on June 2nd. The latter, which was very well received, took place in a warm atmosphere. At the end of a sunny afternoon, the last rays blanket the room with a muted light, amplifying the dazzling colors and contrasts and significance of each work on display. Commissioned as the opening of the gallery, Lo Soleilhas restaurant lobby delights diners’ palates with its sweet and savory preparations. With closeness and generosity, Mayor Didier Coudorneau and Marie Le Lagos, Deputy Delegate for Heritage and Culture, did not hide their joy and enthusiasm by officiating the opening ceremony of the “2 couleurs” that will continue until July 13th. Surrounded by the two artists honored during this second exhibition of the year, Lawrence Menichino and Frederic Mach, they wanted to show their joy and gratitude for welcoming such a duo in front of a gathering of nearly 150 people. “Here, we introduce ourselves to the culture, which inspires us. Today, we welcome Lawrence and Fredo, whom I know very well. They are two lovely people with so many talents. They have such personalities that we take very seriously that you can meet them. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many Artists.In culture as in sports,I like to give opportunity to young artists who are just starting out.Both have recently started in this world.It seemed obvious to organize a meeting Didier Codorneau raised.

Thematic workshops

Cultural mediation is at the heart of these meetings. The workshops, which are free and upon registration, are open to everyone in Boullet’s contemporary art space to discover graffiti on canvas, a method of artistic expression, led by Frédéric Mach, Monday 3 July 3 to 5 p.m. and embarking on painting with Lawrence Menicino, Monday, July 10thFrom 10 am to 12 noon or from 3 pm to 5 pm. within the limits of available seats.

Information on 04 68 65 09 10.
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