Grounded: Update 1.2 was released with a large hornet

If video games represent the different passions within the NoFrag editorial board, grounded It would be the height of indifference. We care so little about him that news about him goes on for days in bed, yet overflows with games that are sometimes pretty messed up. But we must force ourselves to fulfill our duty to inform, because you, the readers, have a right to know. A few days ago a big update arrived with the hornet grounded : patch 1.2.

If you, like us, are too lazy to start the video, you can refer to the Patch notes. Unfortunately, it’s a long day without bread and as exciting as the audio podcast is inuktitut on effect Plastic paper clips About the macroeconomic situation from April to June 1997. But you have come to the right place, because, brandishing our morality, like a sword drawn in the face of adversity, we extracted the big marrow (but no more, no need to pay):

  • There are now swarms of wasps.
  • A new boss appears: Hippo. No, it’s a joke, it’s the wasp queen. But follow, dammit!
  • You can duplicate objects in a device called “Super Duper”.

There are also many tweaks and bug fixes as usual. And other less important things, but we have forgotten what it was. We will let you consult him directly custom page If this interests you.

grounded included in Xbox Game Pass or available for sale at Steam by -25%, i.e. 30 euros.

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