Graphic comparison of GTA: The Trilogy

In a short video of barely two minutes, IGN offers a quick graphic comparison Between the compilation of Remasters GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and the original games released on PS2.

According to that Switch to Unreal Engine 4 Feels very strong, but wants it keep playing And artistic direction From time to a certain extent, giving somewhat cartoonish side on the characters.

Rockstar promises, however Controls update For something more standard, inspired by styles from the latest installments in the series. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if This update It betrays or enriches the playing experience of the original games.

On another note, Rockstar also shared Various game tracking listsAnd as you would expect, Lots of tracks missing, Such as VGC . Reports.

As a reminder, aggregation GTA: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition will be available November 11 About PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles, be tomorrow. Subscribers to game arcade we will enjoy San Andreas, while those du playstation now We will get The possibility of playing GTA III.

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