Grand Prix on the streets of London?

According to The Times, F1 is considering staging a Grand Prix on the streets of London soon. Discussions on the project will also be well advanced.

Las Vegas, which will make its calendar debut on November 19, will confirm this season that F1 loves urban Grand Prix racing. Monaco, and its symbolic circle in the city center, or Baku, the meeting that fans are eagerly awaiting, is proof of this. London may be added to the list soon. to believe times This Tuesday, F1 will be very seriously considering staging a Grand Prix race soon in the heart of the UK capital. A scheme for this circuit imagined in the Royal Docks, London’s legendary industrial district to the east of the city on the banks of the Thames, would have already been sent to the American owners of the class.

Moreover, still according to timesAnd London, London and Liberty Media have already started very serious discussions about the project, and they’re very advanced discussions. So we can probably expect to see the light of day in the coming years – perhaps by 2026 – for the first London Grand Prix in history, with a track of about 5.9km to list, for 22 laps, as for the legendary Gilles-Court de Villeneuve in Montreal (Canada).

What about the British GP?

To allow as many spectators (we’re talking about 92,000 in all) to come and witness the exploits of locals Lewis Hamilton or George Russell, as they do every year at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix, floating platforms had to be designed, knowing that the circuit would only be temporary. Twenty-four months of work should be necessary to complete the project, if it has not been abandoned by then, at a total cost of about €250 million.

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At the moment, the excitement, on the contrary, will be at its height. But perhaps much less so on the part of the British GP organisation. Thus, if the London (urban) Grand Prix hypothesis were to gain weight, the Silverstone meeting could bear the brunt and possibly disappear from the agenda. He follows.

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