Grand Nancy. Les Enfantillages d’Aldebert heats up Espace Chaueau

The artist is still much awaited. Whether it’s when he’s releasing a new album or when, as he is currently, he’s embarking on a marathon tour. This Saturday, not one, but two parties are scheduled. And it must be said that the audience was lucky to see him on stage. Indeed, when Albert Sarthe left on Friday evening with his team, he found himself paralyzed in the middle of the night. Blame it on a capricious tour bus that never wanted to leave. Never mind, a new car was arriving and the technicians were performing at Espace Chaueau by setting the stage in an hour and a half instead of four!

It is enough to give a lot of energy to Aldebert who came to present “Enfantillages 4” but he does not hesitate to draw from its predecessors. Sitting on his shoes with wheels, the artist defeated “L’Alien” before completing his “bag”.

“Take Me” already started the choruses before shooting red balls on these screens that take parents to their children! Kids are willing to do anything, again and again, to miss school by having crazy ideas to avoid it! However, once transformed into a “Spaghetti Western”, this schoolhouse, on a rustic tone, becomes very rich without playing a stool.

Aldebert then sent the song “Big Sound” before honoring the parents “who can no longer follow Trigo but are doing their best”. Not enough to stop “Super Granny” from setting off for a ride in the sweltering Chaudeau Space. complete artist, Aldebert cheers up the whole room …and not just the youngest!

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