Granblue Fantasy Versus: Avatar Belial Announced on List and Dated with Vira, Legendary Edition Available Soon

End of this week , Cygames It organizes a festival dedicated to licensing every year Granblue Fantasy, Online. We had an appointment during this Granblue Fantasy Fes 2021 To discover new details about Granblue Fantasy vs. And ReconnectLet’s start by seeing what the game isarc system works reservation for us. In fact, Come He won’t be the only one who will soon be joining List, she Their skills were recently detailed, the cars You will accompany her…Avatar Belial, is the one who served as the last boss in the post-launch script additional, with its cool theme light morning hymn.

number Character pass 3 On the horizon, but A bundle of 1,100 JPY that will bring together the two fighters has been sold out, and they are scheduled to be released on Tuesday, December 14. . special abilitiesAvatar Belial when wetting Fast and powerful, but in return he will consume his health, and his defense is weak, which makes him very versatile. His techniques are detailed on official siteWe will add the translated details later. In addition, she shares her alternate weapons and colors with Belial base, so there will be no need to reopen everything.

Granblue Fantasy vs 06 12 12 2021

by buying Package, we will receive rewards as usual, a lobby image, an icon, and two new mode missions RPG and color variations from 5 to 19 for Come. players Granblue Fantasy They will be entitled to a token to appear It is forbidden to change the ego and Lapis lazuli merit.

Granblue Fantasy vs 01 12 12 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 02 12 12 2021Granblue Fantasy vs 04 12 12 2021

Their release will also be accompanied launch Legendary Edition My number including all fighters Passing characters 1 et 2, but also Come And Avatar BelialAll for 6,578 JPY in Japan and $49.99/EUR in the rest of the world. A physical version is scheduled for release in Japan on March 3, 2022, but nothing has been mentioned about us, so wait and see. Again, the code will allow you to get bonuses, that is, all those already available, which means that new players will get a good deal! The base game will change to value edition At $19.99 / € (2178 JPY) at the same time, again with a new physical version Cygames Greatest Hits In the archipelago scheduled for March 3, 2022.

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Granblue Fantasy vs 03 12 12 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 22 12 12 2021

On the side of future additions, Many updates planned, but clearly nothing is too transcendent for next year, at least until version 2.8 which remains very mysterious.

Version 2.70 (December 14)

  • New Feature: Lunalu – Allows you to play with a random character that changes in each round, a sketch of Lunalu and will appear in battle history as “Lunalu”.
  • Combat mods (amateur for everyone)

Version 2.7x (Spring 2022)

  • View call quality.

Version 2.80 (Summer 2022)

  • New combat systems.

Granblue Fantasy Versus 23 12 12 2021 Granblue Fantasy Versus 24 12 12 2021 Granblue Fantasy for 25 12 12 2021

What if you were hoping for an ad from sandalphon Or any additional character, do not lose hope, because Cygames Throw Referendum (in Japanese and English), asks who we would like to see in List. It is also possible to indicate suggestions for the whole game, so feel free to ask for them undo netcode ! Other than that, the Cygames Cup 3 It will be held on February 6, 2022 and the second album ofOST The game will be released on December 14th.

Below you can find the trailer in English dub, if that interests you.

If you don’t want to wait and want a physical version, Granblue Fantasy vs. is being Sold 29.99€ on Amazon.

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