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“We are maintaining existing travel restrictions at this stage,” said White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki, who justifies the decision by quickly spreading the Delta variant “here and abroad.”

EU countries have decided to reopen their own borders to Americans if they are vaccinated against COVID-19 or tested negative, with travelers from the Schengen area, the UK and Ireland unable to enter the United States from March 2020.

This border closure has been heavily criticized by tourism experts in Europe, but also by American employers.

Canada has decided to reopen its borders to U.S. citizens and permanent residents living in the United States from August 9th.

Washington announced in early June that it was setting up committees to examine international committees with Canada, Mexico, the European Union and the United Kingdom, which gave it hope to ease restrictions.

Not only is this not going to happen, but the US is raising warnings to its compatriots who want to go abroad.

Pollution is on the rise

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the main federal public health agency in the United States, also joined Portugal and Spain on Monday after advising against traveling to the UK a week ago. In the list of places to avoid.

For the Level 4 countries, the United States, the highest level of health alert, recommends that passengers be fully vaccinated before departure, even then, warning that they are “at risk.”

A significant increase in pollution under the influence of delta variation is the most contagious country since the outbreak of the Govt-19 epidemic, facing much of the planet.

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With 521,800 pollution reported globally last week, the indicator has risen sharply (+ 9% compared to the previous week), according to an AFP report that stopped last Thursday. The epidemic has been in decline since mid-June, with a sharp decline for nearly two months.

President Joe Biden and his administration, but now emerging opposition politicians, are increasing calls for a resumption of the sluggish vaccination process over the summer.

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