Govt-19: Outbreak of lawsuits in US and Canada, leap in the Middle East

The Govt-19 epidemic has increased this week. With 645,400 daily pollutants recorded in the world during this period, the indicator accelerated (+ 5% compared to the previous week), according to an AFP report that stopped on Thursday. The epidemic has been spreading again for two months, triggered by a highly contagious delta type that has become prevalent in many countries. This week, the situation in the United States / Canada region is deteriorating rapidly, with 31% more new cases compared to the previous week.

The epidemic is rapid, but less rapid, in the Middle East (+ 7%) and Europe (+ 3%), stable in Africa and Asia, Latin America / Caribbean (-4%) and Oceania (-31%). Of those who recorded at least 1,000 daily infections in the past week, Azerbaijan is the country with the highest rate of infection (+ 111% per day, 1,700 new cases). Switzerland (+ 76%, 1,500), Canada (+ 76%, 1,600), Israel (+ 52%, 4,600) and Lebanon (+ 48%, 1,600).

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The United States is the country with the highest number of new infections this week (129,400 daily cases, + 31%), ahead of India (37,900, -6%) and Iran (37,500, + 13%). In terms of population ratio, the country with the most new cases this week is Georgia (746 per 100,000 population) more than Cuba (538) and Dominica (497).

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Indonesia has 1,613 more deaths a day this week than Brazil (884) and Russia (791). Globally, daily deaths increased slightly this week (9,540, + 2% per day).

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