Govt-19 in Shanghai | The United States has ordered its embassy members to leave the city

(Shanghai) The U.S. embassy said on Tuesday that it had ordered non-essential staff of its embassy in Shanghai to leave the city in the wake of an epidemic and tight control measures in the city.

Released at 10:27 last night.

China’s economic capital has been facing the biggest upsurge in lawsuits since the outbreak began. Authorities have locked up almost all of the 25 million residents and placed positive test takers in isolated centers.

It is in this context that the US State Department has ordered the evacuation of (its staff) due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, “said a US embassy spokesman.

The text also states that US ambassadors have informed Chinese authorities of their “concerns about the safety and well-being of American citizens.”

China is one of the last countries in the world to implement a tough zero COVID-19 strategy.

It involves a number of actions: imprisonment as soon as a few cases arise, separating persons who test positive from other people, issuing visas on trips and drops, isolating or detecting nomads upon arrival in the area.

China’s Ministry of Health on Tuesday registered more than 23,000 new positive cases in Shanghai.

Nearly all of its 25 million people are still confined to their homes, and some have difficulty retrieving food.

Many of those who tested positive were kept in solitary confinement in large isolated centers set up in exhibition halls or prefabricated structures.

Last week, the US embassy said it had “allowed” non-essential consular staff to leave Shanghai. He also felt that US citizens would face “arbitrary enforcement” of anti-Govt. 19 restrictions.

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