Govt-19: Americans advised to avoid traveling to Canada

The United States is now advising against traveling to Canada due to an epidemic spreading north of the border, despite more than twice the number of individual Govt-19 cases.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday raised the risk of travel to Canada to a maximum, and therefore called for avoiding all travel north of the border.

Therefore, Canada has recently become the highest alert level in the United States for COVID-19, thereby joining many European countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom and all Scandinavian countries.

The CDC is concerned about its Canadian advice that “because of the situation in Canada, even fully vaccinated travelers are at risk of contracting variants of COVID-19.”

Passengers who are forced to cross the border must ensure that they are fully vaccinated, and that the company warns them to wear a mask and keep a distance of two meters from others when traveling on Canadian soil.

Currently, the United States has twice as many COVID-19 cases as Canada, with an average of 210 cases per 100,000 population detected in the last seven days, more than 110 north of the border. The number of confirmed infections is still increasing in the United States, while it is being confirmed in Canada.

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