Govit – Omigron: “10% more infection than BA.2”, more than 600 cases of a new variant found in the United Kingdom

His nickname: XD. Special: This is a reunion of two strains of Omigron.

Two and a half years later Health crisisI ‘Widespread contagious disease Of Govt Seems to be coming to an end. But nations will lift alternately Control measuresExperts worry about statistics Pollution Rising. Wrong PA.2, Sub Variation of OmigranVery contagious.

One New variantMore contagious and why not more severe: This is what the scientific community fears.

“Maybe a little more worried”

Start of the week, Health officials UK Warned : 637 cases of new variation have been detected in the country since January 19th. A new variant? Absolutely not. It’s really one Reconnecting, The confluence of two existing strains. This time we are not talking DeltacronMixed Delta And Omigron. No, this time it is XE It is a reunion of two strainsOmigron, PA.1 And PA.2. XE has already been found in many countries, including Israel. But for the UK, this is the number Pollution No maneuvers.

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Kovit – Omigran: Hard to detect, first case of sub-difference BA.3 discovered in Israel this Thursday

Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) scientists believe XE “10% more infections” Rather than BA.2, it currently dominates the channel and the world.

“Reconstructions containing spike and structural proteins of the spy Virus (Like XE or XF) are likely to act like their mother virus … “Says Tom Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College London. “XD is a little more involved … it’s been found in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark and contains delta’s structural proteins. If one of these modifications works too differently from its parent, it could be XD …”

New variant XE

More than 600 cases of the new govt variant linking the two omigron strains have been found in the UK.

XE has a growth rate of 9.8% over BA.2

It was also seen in Israel earlier this month.

– Kate Pritchard (KatePri14608408) March 28, 2022

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