Govit-19: Nathan Newtorf believes “increase following rapid decline”

As of August 26, Alberta had registered 1,168 new cases of the virus, several hundred more than any other Canadian province.

In an interview on Bridge City News On Friday, Newtorf spoke about the decision to deregulate 1.5 million Alberts in the province because they had not been vaccinated.

Once [le virus] Went through unvaccinated people, where it would go, He asked.

Elsewhere in the world, like the UK, he said, the fourth wave was characterized by an increase in the number of cases, followed by a decline. Same fast After the virus came People who have not been vaccinated cannot be overcome .

I hope we see the same trend, He added.

New Democrats (NPDAlberta’s Hope The government’s plan is to allow COVID-19 to destroy the province’s unvaccinated population See what happens In schools.

Although we have not heard a word from the Prime Minister or the Minister of Health, the PCU Caucus chair says the plan is clear: Licenses-Fair , The spokesperson mentions (NPD), David Shepherd, in a press release on Friday.

In the press release, he adds: [Ce gouvernement] Affected families do not think about the impact on health workers trying to recover from the last wave, businesses trying to get their feet back or students returning to school in a few days.

I could not believe it. PCU dropped Alberton on wave four.

A quote:David Shepherd, spokesman for the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Alberta

The UK is still facing a growing number of lawsuits

The way Mr. Newtorf describes the fourth wave is incorrect. The UK has seen a rapid increase in the number of cases and a short-term decline, but the number of cases there has continued to rise since the beginning of August, last week, when the country saw its maximum weekly number of cases in July.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), The number of deaths in the UK is also on the rise.

According to epidemiologist Cynthia Carr, the trends seen in the UK cannot be compared to those in Alberta because many factors are at work.

UK joins Union of European Football Associations 2020 after Outbreaks (UEFA) Resolved and school has not yet started, the number of cases is low because there are no high-risk situations for contamination, he explains.

But that does not mean that the population is protected. This means that once the phenomenon has increased and decreased [le nombre de cas], Explains the car.

That doesn’t mean you can say ‘Well, now we’re safe because it happened’., She adds.

The health system is overflowing

On Friday, Newtorf urged Alberton to vaccinate and monitor statistics on serious cases.

Of the 74 Govt-19 patients in intensive care in Alberta on Friday, all but 2 were not vaccinated or partially vaccinated, and 77.1% of patients who were not in intensive care were partially vaccinated, said Dina Hinsha, Alberta’s chief physician. Officer.

One-third of eligible Alberts are not vaccinated.

Until this rate improves, experts say, health care systems pose a risk to people who are immunocompromised and unvaccinated, especially in the fall and early school classes.

We still don’t know if we will be lucky without last year’s flu, Mrs. Carr recalled. However, he believes the health system will quickly sink with the flu season, with a section of the population still at risk of developing a serious illness.

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Sarah Otto, a professor of zoology at the University of British Columbia, helped Alberta develop the COVID-19 model.

While policies and behaviors remain unchanged, Ms Otto noted in an email, Workload and hospital rates will destroy the health system In Alberta.

Newdorf says the province’s plan to reopen schools is to monitor the number of cases See what happens.

According to the car, it poses a risk to children under 12 years of age.

We must protect them. Allowing the virus to spread in an unvaccinated group does not protect them, She believes.

Mr. CBC News. Newtorf and The PCU For feedback.

With information from Sarah Moore

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