Gov. Bill Scott finds polarization in America “very dangerous.”

MONTREAL – Vermont Gov. Bill Scott says he’s deeply concerned about the current polarization in the United States.

Governor Scott expressed his concerns following an address to Montreal’s Council on International Relations (CORIM) on Wednesday.

Vermont’s governor since 2017, Bill Scott, is a moderate Republican who came out in support of President Donald Trump’s impeachment. He calls himself fiscally conservative but socially liberal.

A Republican who doesn’t like Trump

“I’ve not been a Trump fan since day one,” he asserts from the outset.

“I’m a moderate, a centrist, I’ve been all my political life. I don’t consider myself very political, but I like to do things. I like to do things, I like to work with people to improve the population,” he explains.

He said that it is sad that it has divided not only his party but the entire people.

“I’m very concerned about polarization in general, not just the Republican Party, which has gotten a lot of attention right now,” he admits amid controversy in the wake of the midterm elections. Former President Trump’s judicial actions.

“We are human first”

He believes that this situation is preventing the country from progressing.

“When you have too much polarization, too much division between people, there’s no way to work together. We have to remember that we are human beings first and in America we are Americans first. I believe that party membership is secondary to all of that, bringing people together for the common good.

He still says he’s a supporter of America’s two-party political system, which he says has worked for the country in the past, “but we have to make room for moderate centrists so they have a voice as well,” he says. He said.

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An “extremely dangerous” polarity

Needless to say, the status quo worries him as no one wants to give an inch.

“I believe we need to take a step back. Polarization — you’re a member of this team or you’re a member of this other team — is very dangerous and draws a line between us, and it forces moderate centrists to pick sides, and I think that’s the danger.

“We need to start treating each other better, more respectfully, more civilly, listening to each other’s opinions and making the best decisions we can for our nation, not just for any party, and I think that’s what we’re missing,” he said. He argues with conviction.

He explains his opinion on the fight against climate change. “It’s something we all have to work together to find a way out of. Each side can’t be a yes or no. It has to be something we can all work on together, encourage each other and choose a direction.

However, his conclusion, while realistic, is not encouraging: “So far, I don’t see the leadership we need from the center.”

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