Gotham Knights Nightwing and Red Hood will premiere on May 10 at 3pm, and may include 4 co-ops

We thought he wouldn’t give any news before summer fest gamewhere we imagined it to have an important place, but Gotham Knights I decided to surprise us. Unexpectedly, the Warner Bros. title gives us a date tomorrow afternoon to learn more about it, at least that’s what we can guess with a new tweet.

4- Confirmed ken cooperation method?

So we know that the game will finally appear tomorrow A presentation that should focus on Nightwing and Red Hood characters. Therefore we must logically discover the peculiarities of each of them, both in the way they move and fight. The show will take place tomorrow, May 10th at 3pm..

At the same time, details were spotted by users reddit On the new page of Playstation Store From the game was talked about this weekend. We can see that the game has offered support for 4 player online game, while only bilateral cooperation has been identified so far. After all, since there are four playable characters, this should not be surprising, but this still needs to be confirmed in future presentations.

Gotham Knights It will be released on October 25th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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