Google will make many Play Store apps invisible

Google is going to do a major cleanup of Android apps on the Google Play Store. Application retention challenge.

It’s spring cleanup time, or almost, for Google. After the company refused for a long time, it announced a plan to radically reduce the number of orders placed Google Play Store Delete the oldest. This kind of decision is not new in the world of apps, we remember the times when Apple removed entire groups of apps From its own app store, for example apps that are still in 32-bit.

Launching in November

In a blog post

Google announces ” From November 1, 2022, existing applications that do not target the API level within two years of the last major version of Android will no longer be available for discovery or installation for new users with devices running Android OS versions higher than the API level targeted applications. With the release of new versions of Android OS, the requirements window will be adapted accordingly “.

In other words, starting from 1 November, Either after the planned release of Android 13However, developers will need to target at least the Android 11 API to show off to new users. This includes those for whom the application is not part of the library.

When developing an Android app, developers tell Google (through a Gradle file) the minimum API level and API level targeted by the app. All API levels are compatible with the Android version (API level 30 for Android 11 for example). This is a kind of minimum and recommended configuration for using the app.

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Why this change?

Location XDA Developers Explain the reasons for this change. Some developers voluntarily chose to stay on legacy API levels to avoid Google’s restrictions on permissions. In other words, it allowed apps to ignore the efforts on security and privacy by Android for several years. The site gives an example snap chat Which has long used Android 5.1 API Level 22 to avoid the change in permissions that Google implements with Android 6.0.

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