Google unveils six new features for the Android system

Google today announced the arrival New Jobs On Android, including a new password checker, a way to schedule your texts, and other improvements to apps like TalkBack, Maps, Assistant, and Android Auto. This release is the latest in a series of minor iOS updates that fall between major redesigns.

Password check

Let’s start with the password check security feature available on Android9 or later devices. On Android, you can save passwords to your Google account, which makes logging into your apps and services with Autofill faster and easier.

Now, when you enter a password in an app on your phone with the autofill feature, Google will verify that credential against a list of known hacked passwords, i.e. passwords that are likely to have already been stolen and posted on the web. If your credentials appear on one of these lists, you will be notified of the change.

more information on this link.

Scheduled sending in messages

With the scheduling feature of messages, you can write a message now and send it later at a convenient time. For example, it is used to avoid time zone conflicts or just to make sure that the message arrives Monday morning rather than Saturday or Sunday, your email can be scheduled.

After writing your message, just press and hold the send button to choose a delivery date and time.

The new TalkBack

Designed for blind and partially sighted people, TalkBack is a feature to read aloud notifications, apps, and other content on their device.

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They can control the latter with new, more intuitive multi-finger gestures. Reading controls have been added, as well as a braille keyboard and customizable menus.

TalkBack can be found by downloading the Android Accessibility Tools from a file Google Play Store.

Do more hands-free with the Google Assistant

With this Android update, Google wants to make it easy to use your hands for free to make calls, set timers or alarms and play music.

For example, even if the device is switched off and meters away from you, that would be sufficient to trigger the “Hey Google” voice command followed by your request such as “Set alarm”, “Play Spotify pop music”, etc.

To get the most out of the assistant when your phone is locked, just turn on the option “Lock Personal Screen Results” in the assistant settings and say “Hey Google” to send text messages and make calls.

Dark Mode on Google Maps

With inverted colors, dark mode is gaining popularity for reducing eye strain, and on mobile devices for reducing screen power consumption.

To activate it, go to settings, type Theme and then select Dark Mode.

Android Auto has been improved

The new Android Auto interface provides custom wallpapers and even sound-activated games to keep the family entertained on long trips

New shortcuts have been added to the home screen to quickly access contacts and weather forecast. And for cars with a wide screen, it is now possible to split the screen into two parts, one for navigating Google Maps and the other for controlling music.

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These Android Auto functions will be available in the coming days on phones running Android 6.0 or higher and if the vehicle is compatible.

Android Auto compatible vehicles and radios.

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