Google, the rival future of Doctolib?

In the United States, Google is launching a service built directly into its search engine for making an appointment with a doctor, whether for a consultation or an examination.

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For several years, Google has invested in the health sector, most recently by acquiring FitbitTo the point of raising many problems and raising controversy related to protection Personal Data and medical confidentiality. But the American giant does not intend to stop, and will now use its search engine to simplify making an appointment with a specialist.

like DoctolipThus, Google will make it possible to find a doctor and check their availability to schedule an appointment whether it is a consultation or even a check-up. Everything will be done directly from the search engine, without going through an external service. ” When people ask questions about their health, they often start with it Internet To find answers “,” A Google Executive Justified.

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No matter what people are looking for in to request Google, our mission is to provide high quality information when you need it. This feature we’re launching shows your healthcare providers appointment availability so you can easily book appointments. »

For this first experience, intended for Americans right now, Google has partnered with CVS’s MinuteClinic and competing services, and lets you see the dates and times of appointments available to professionals in your area. The company guarantees thatAnonymity Respects, and states that another function, also integrated into its search engine, allows the possibility to filter the display of results in the search for a practitioner according to their health insurance coverage.

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