Google suspends the release of the December update

New charlatan for Google and Pixel 6: the company is temporarily suspending the publication of the December update on these models. Users of these smartphones will have to wait for the patch that will arrive by the end of January.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Home

Google Pixel 6 Pro in hand // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Great update epic Android 12 December continues on the Pixel 6. If the Pixels are known to always receive Android updates and security patches first, this time owners of the latest models will be out of luck. google browser It has been suffering for weeks with bugs and lags, and is trying to fix them with fixes.

Patch available in January

by publishing December update to Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 ProGoogle has resolved some concerns, But also caused the others. The main problem was the loss of the network signal, which made calls impossible for many users, especially in Europe. In the face of the scale of the damage, Google announced in Posted in support forum Pixel has discontinued the rollout of this update on these devices. The message also states that a fix has been found. good news a priori, except that this won’t be rolled out until the end of January in an update. The latter will contain all the fixes and improvements expected in the base in December.

Google Pixel 6 Pro (left) and Pixel 6 (right)

Google Pixel 6 Pro (left) and Pixel 6 (right) // Source: Anthony Winner – Frandroid

It should also be remembered that in addition to the bugs apparently caused by the latest update, the Pixel 6 . is facing number of concerns Since its launch in October 2021. We can cite pell-mell a Unreliability of the fingerprint readerNetwork signal problems Streaming Quality Restriction, or malfunction Auto rotation.

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The company even explains, in the rest of the post, how to reverse Pixel 6 owners who have already installed the December update. It is actually possible for them to go back to the previous software version using Android Flash Tool.

Google concludes by apologizing for the inconvenience…and asking for patience.

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