Google Pixel can be hacked with a simple SIM, quickly install the update

If you have a Google P smartphone.ixel file, we advise you to urgently install the latest security patch. In fact, cyber security expert David Schutz discovered a very dangerous vulnerability. In a short video, this video shows that all it takes is a simple SIM to access all of the user’s data.

I just bought a file Pixel 7? Or does your old model still have a bright future ahead? In any case, it is better not to delay installing the latest security patch. In fact, until recently, any newbie could unlock Google smartphones and thus access all the data they contained. All this without any manipulation worthy of the greatest hackers. A simple SIM card is sufficient.

We owe this shocking information to the backbone of cybersecurity expert David Schutz. In a video, available below, we see him executing a series of bad PIN codes with his Pixel 6, on the lock screen. After three unsuccessful attempts, the smartphone then needs the PUK code, which all dizzy people know well, because it allows you to unlock this type of extremely crippling situation.

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Anyone can hack your Google Pixel if you don’t update it

At this point, all you have to do is enter the popular PUK code for your Pixel to generate a new PIN. Since then, the smartphone does not require any password and it unlocks automatically, leaving the door open for any malicious person. According to David Schutz, this problem is the direct result of design selection on the part of Google.

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The developer explains that the company Mountain View has created a security screen system that determines the order of priority between the various barriers to unlocking: PIN code, fingerprint, PUK code, etc. The latter’s access to the screen, all others are deactivated, due to the low priority. A minor bug that has thankfully been corrected in the latest security patch, available on Android 10, 11, 12, 12L and 13.

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