Google Maps will display Low Emission Zones (EPZs)

Google has decided to take a step forward in order to “green” its map software, which will now indicate the presence of low emission zones (ZFEs) on users’ paths.

The desire to reduce pollution in urban areas will include bans on certain vehicles. This is it Low Emission Zones Principle, which will be tougher and more present in the large French and European blocs. In France, local authorities are responsible for banning or authorizing certain types of vehicles based on Crit’Air stickers.

So Google, via its map system, decided to now refer to them to accustom its users. Now, an alert appears when approaching such an area. After that, it is possible to learn more about EPZs through the application. Thus the motorist can choose safely.

“Google products are already helping people make more sustainable choices in their daily lives, whether that’s using Google Maps to find self-service bikes and electric car charging stations, or ‘using Google Flights to sort low-carbon flights’.”Google said. “We continue to invest in technologies, tools and information as part of our goal. We want to find new ways for our products to help one billion people make more sustainable choices by 2022.”

These alerts are already on Google Maps and relate to Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, London and Paris. It will eventually reach other major European cities.

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