Google makes it easy for Android developers to create apps using the materials you design

Launched alongside Google’s new Pixel 6 lineup, Android 12 brings a new look Samir Samat is the Executive Vice President of Product Management at Android It’s called “the biggest design change in Android history”. This is in reference to Material You, which applies a new set of principles to create interfaces, as well Changes that will help Android adapt to larger screens. We already have an idea of ​​how appearance affects usability with an updated operating system. and Google’s own apps, but the goal is now expanding to reach more applications offered by others.

Today at the Google Android Developers Conference, the company announced that Materials that you are available in Jetpack Compose, so that app designers can more easily adopt the theme in their products.

Devices you design in Android 12
Image: google

New items include dynamic instructions that will help applications respond, an algorithm modification to the user’s background selection algorithm, as well as tips on how to maintain individual brand expression.Third-party application while adapting. Developers of other items will need to recognize design tokens that “represent the designs of the design system as data” so that they can change as the system changes.

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