Google limits the functionality of free Gmail accounts a little more

Having a Gmail account gives users free access to a large number of features. While Google Mail is the most popular, users also get a file Free Storage and access to Google tools.

But now, in recent months, Google has increased restrictions to push users to switch to its paid offering google one. Or rather, for Google, it’s about upgrading the Google One offering, which has yet to offer enough to justify any payment… With exclusive access to certain features via subscription, Google hopes to increase subscriptions.

The latest payout for this strategy: Google Meet. The video conferencing service allows users to create chat rooms by connecting several webcams simultaneously, such as Zoom or Teams messaging services. The service’s popularity has grown in recent months due to the health crisis, and Google, in a flurry of kindness, has lifted some restrictions on free accounts on the service…

Finally, these limits reappear very quickly: Now, if you have a free Gmail account, your calls will be limited to 60 minutes for conversations with more than 3 people at once. Google sends notifications after 55 minutes to warn of disconnected connections. Obviously, it is possible to immediately restart the call.

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