Google has hidden the privacy settings so that users do not disable them

The documents in the Google case in Arizona reveal that executives and engineers know that the search giant has made smartphone users difficult to keep information confidential.

While that Google recently improved privacy protection with Android 12, The American company hasn’t always been a good student in this field. In fact, according to documents our Business Insider colleagues uncovered, Google has made it difficult to find location settings in its Android OS So people wouldn’t stop them.

This action is aimed at Maintaining the data-gathering efforts that fuel the tech giant’s lucrative advertising businessAccording to the disclosed court documents. In the last month, we learned from other places A complaint has been filed against Google in France for tracking smartphones.

Google has forced manufacturers to hide privacy settings

Google has reportedly decided to hide location-related settings after seeing a “significant increase” in the number of devices disrupting these settings when presenting easy-to-access options. This has posed a problem for the digital giant. Because it uses this aggregated data to implement targeted ad campaigns. Therefore, Google had made a decision to bury these parameters in Android options, in order to make the task more difficult for those who want to deactivate it.

According to an Arizona attorney, The tech giant has also managed to “squeeze” smart phone manufacturers like LG Until they bury location settings in their smartphones. However, the document also reveals that Google continues to collect location data even when users have turned off location sharing, so it is doubtful why the company has gone to great lengths to hide these settings.

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For those users who really don’t want Google to be tracked, it won’t be that easy. The difficulty of hiding your site from Google was revealed in a statement by Jack Menzel, Former Google Vice President in charge of Google Maps. In fact, he said that internet users should intentionally trick Google into designating their registered addresses as random places, so that they cannot properly locate and work.

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