Google Assistant vs Siri vs Amazon Alexa… We Compare All Voice Assistants

Which Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby or Huawei Celia is the best assistant on smartphones? Check out our large comparison video.

Comparison of voice assistants on smartphones // Source: Frandroid

Google AssistantAnd the siri (apple), Amazon AlexaAnd the Bixby (Samsung), Cylia (Huawei) … We compared five smart phone assistants by asking 50 different questions to test their skills.

We have organized applications into several categories: Activate Jobs smart phones, research, organization, sequential questions, mathematics, etc. The idea was to diversify the exercises to form a representative idea of ​​each helper’s abilities. To find out the best, watch our comparison video!

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witches battle

To spoil you (but not too much), we can reveal that Google Assistant has been quite effective overall. For its part, Siri does less work than we’d hoped, while Bixby, as if nothing happened, keeps a few surprises, without being overdone. Amazon’s Alexa — the only assistant in this test to work with an app installed by us — isn’t perfect, but it can tempt you with a strong personality.

Finally, for Celia…there is work. Let us remember in passing that, in French, even the most sophisticated auxiliaries have not yet arrived.Cleverof their first language (English, Korean or Chinese). Not only is there translation work to be done, but there are also countless adaptations to adapt to a large number of speech and conversational styles.

In other words, the performance of these helpers in French is not necessarily what they can do in other languages.

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