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However, all logos collected in Cave aux Sports are duly signed and officially certified. Bruno can’t help but fall in love with some flags. Like 2003.

“It was Mike Ware’s year of victory,” he said. He became the first Canadian to do so and also the first person on the left. “He won the title in overtime over Lynn Mathias and the last round of 68. Matthias, for his part, played a fantastic 65 comeback, joining the Ontario golfer and slapping overtime.”

Ironically, the following year the Canadian left-handed man would hand the green jacket over to another left-hander, Phil Mickelson. Pointing to the 2004 banner, Bruno Lachance agrees that this is a flag he had a hard time finding

Firstly, it has the signature of Mickelson, very clear, and the signature of his younger son Jim “Bones” McCay, who is now a TV commentator. What’s even more interesting are the other signatures on the banner, those from the CBS television crew led by the news anchor Jim Nantz, David Verte, Vern Lundquist, Dick Enberg, Sean McManus and a few others. It’s a very dear item to me. I put a picture of Mike Ware handing the jacket to Mickelson. “

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