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Ben Wallace asked about the underwater deal with Australia

This concept refers to the Axis Alliance between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, under which the United States and the United Kingdom share sensitive technology with Australia to help build its first nuclear submarines. Wolfgang Münchau called the deal an “indirect geopolitical disaster for the EU” in an editorial in The Spectator.

The expert promises that the alliance is the culmination of several European defeats, and they point to the political flaws in the EU ruling on US President Joe Biden’s Chinese strategy.

He suggests that the deal is a revenge for the UK after being considered a ‘strategic enemy’, not to be surprised when the UK exploits areas that are in its favor after treatment.

In the article, Wolfgang stressed that the EU “surpassed itself by lazy group thinking” and called the union a “monolith” because of its slow progress.

One example he gives is that as the Biden administration moves beyond NATO towards a multi-polar defense strategy, Mansou says the EU is retreating as German political parties continue to retreat. Discuss the pros and cons of NATO.

God, Brussels! UK’s new deal with US and Australia ‘catastrophic’ for EU expert (Figure:)

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian negotiates on behalf of France during the Australia Accord (Figure:)

Although NATO is “a pillar” of security strategies, it is now being met by informal Indo-Pacific alliances, especially the United States, Japan, India and Australia.

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand acquired another area through an informal intelligence agreement called the “Five Eyes,” part of the “different geometry of the new international order.” The European Union is on the verge of rule.

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After calling the EU a “monolith”, Munchau said the EU was “very low on its progress” because it was “stuck with its 27 members with veto power on the Foreign Council”.

Other European states cannot compete on the “diverse line” of British investment in modern defense technology, which forms the natural alliance of the United States for this particular project with Chinese influence.

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EU flag

The European Union is called the ‘Monolith’ by Wolfgang Mancha (pictured 🙂

The UK involvement in the ACCS agreement has also been called “important” by Rory Metcalfe, director of the College of National Defense at New Statesman Australian National University.

The deal grew out of the Cornwall G7 summit in June as Australia sought greater protection.

Initially, an agreement was planned with France, referring to a merger with the European Union, but the Australians were adamant that the United States and the United Kingdom want to share their nuclear technology.

The agreement was seen as “another success for Boris Johnson after Brexit”, and the expert praised the UK’s rapid use of vaccines after leaving the EU.

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Ursula van der Leon de L'UE

According to Mr Mansov, the EU is vetoed by its 27 members’ (pictured 🙂

Wolfgang Mansou speculates that the EU may react in three ways in the future, initially saying it will “continue to deal with the directionless” and that he will “work well with the media but will not solve the problem”.

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The second option, he said, would be to strengthen the strategic alliance with the United States, which would not benefit the United States’ emphasis on “unilateral interests.”

While one-third of the United States sees an evolution towards strategic autonomy, it makes it possible to build relations with China in terms of strategic interests, an approach that, according to him, is “highly desirable”. “But this will require a” total restart of the EU constitutional order. “

Mr. According to Mansaw, this is a “very serious job” and it will not be an easy task because the EU is built only for one monetary union. It was not created for a strategic security union.

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister

The ACCUS agreement grew out of the Cornwall G7 summit in June (Figure:).

In the future, the EU is likely to pursue its first options and maintain minimum legal protection under current EU treaties for its member states, while pursuing their own national trade and investment policies.

Trian is said to have negotiated on behalf of France before the original Australian treaty failed because France and the UK were the only nuclear powers in Europe.

In the future, France’s geopolitical role is expected to return to the table, “he said.

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