Gmail outage issue is finally resolved

On Friday morning, the Google outage affected many users, preventing them from accessing Gmail, Google Calendar or Google Meet.

Gmail web interface

Gmail web interface // Source: Stephen Phillips –

Update 12:04: Google finally indicated that it had corrected the failure in Gmail. “The Gmail issue has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding,” the US company notes. However, it does not specify the causes of failure.

11:30 am Article: If you can’t use Gmail properly, you’re not the only one. On Friday morning, a power outage affected many users of Google’s messaging service in Europe. Concretely, it is impossible for them to send or receive emails.

Different users affected

the site Downdetector It thus identified several concerns on the platform since 8 AM this morning, culminating just before 10:30 AM. Within the editorial board FrandroidHowever, some journalists have also noted slowdown issues, especially on personal Gmail addresses, with emails not sent or sent particularly slowly. However, the failure is not generalized and does not affect all users of the service.

For its part, Google indicates that it is aware of these connection problems. The company explains on its website dedicated to the laws of its various services trying to solve the problem :

We’re investigating reports of an issue with Gmail. We will provide more information soon. Affected users can no longer access Gmail. We are investigating an issue affecting some users in Europe, preventing them from accessing certain services.

Outage also affects Google Calendar and Google Meet

Google’s mode platform reveals that other services of the US giant are also affected. This is the case with Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Groups, and Google Meet. The outage appears to have started at 8 am on Friday morning.

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This article will be updated when more information is released from Google.

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