Glory evenings TVA Sports

Nothing was easy for TVA Sports. The network paid a fortune and a half for the National and Canadian League rights, yet this is the first time in seven years in a 12-year decade that a Glorious side has skipped a second round.

And even there, nothing simple.

Felix Seguin, Patrick LaLime, Renaud Lavoie, producer Martin LaRocque, director Eric Bedno, Marc-Andre Perrault and half a dozen members of the TVA Sports team will travel on a commercial flight to Las Vegas on Sunday.

Vegas, “Strip”, Caesar’s, Bellagio, MGM, Casinos, Sealine, Luxor…

Shows, restaurants, beautiful women, mini bikini…

Bantout! Everyone must respect the agreement reached between Health Canada, the Department of Immigration and the National Hockey League. So Felix, Patrick, Raynaud and the others will have to go straight to their hotel room and lock themselves in there. No restaurant, no pool, no show, nothing. Room service, they were warned, the meal tray should be placed on the floor in the corridor and the customer would have to take it…

Then, dozens of intrepid adventurers can head to the ice rink to watch training and matches. After passing the daily test. She returns to the room without talking to anyone. Unless advised otherwise, they would have to wear a mask even if 19,000 buffs yelled at them by spitting Quebec’s famous very dangerous droplets.

Then, after three nights in their golden prison, the 12 will be able to fly back to Montreal on a plane chartered by Sportsnet, NBC and TVA.

In Montreal, they will have to follow a similar protocol with mandatory testing, but will be able to sleep at home. Maybe in the garage.

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Eventually, after CH’s final victory, after capturing the Stanley Cup, they will be able to return to Canada and do a 14-day quarantine.

But since the cup must be won in July, they may escape from it …

All volunteers

“It’s obvious to no one. But everyone accepted the challenge, telling themselves that the network should exist despite the difficulties in bearing witness to the atmosphere and making viewers feel what Feeling. “They are true professionals and no one hesitated,” says Louis-Philippe Neveu, CEO of TVA Sports.

L.-P. Neveu smiles despite the backlog of hours: “It’s a great adventure for TVA Sports’ artisans. The Canadian plays better, the people on board are happy, and an average of over a million viewers have watched matches against the Jets. With a peak of one and a half million, Neveu explains This success has an impact on all programs and on the morale of the troops. When I accepted public administration, I wanted to focus programming on live broadcasts. All TV is in switched state with recordings. But the sport remains an event that we want to follow live. We have offered over 200 hockey games this year. The Euro will start and we have 10 hours of football to offer every day. We have the rights to the electric formula, which will develop a lot in the world. “We have renewed with Blue Jays and Eye of the Tiger Management boxing, and we are working hard,” said the general manager.

United Nations Tony Martinez

So we protect and get content. To provide added value to the hobbyist. But L.-P. His nephew wanted to go further. He knew one of the greatest US sports TV show coaches, Tony Martinez, from Dallas. He’s a former reporter who covered the Dallas Cowboys and is now working to improve the way we work on television. Therefore, he spent six months training Tony Romo and making him a credible and valuable analyst at CBS. To everyone’s surprise, Romo replaced several previous players who had already been hired by CBS and was instantly praised as a true genius. His last contract pays him $17 million a season to analyze Cowboys games.

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“I called Tony Martinez and he worked with our commentators. For example, he taught Maxime Lapierre and Guillaume to always state their main point in the first seconds of a speech and give explanations afterward. All within 24 seconds. He worked with Felix Seguin and Patrick Lalemé on pace And the timing of the analysis is in the flow of the match. He is a wonderful talented coach and I am happy to work with us “, confirms L.-P. nephew.

women on screen

There is still a lot of work to do. and goals to be achieved. Like achieving some gender equality on screen: “Elizabeth Rancourt, Melody Doust and Frederic Guay are taking on more and more responsibilities. We’re working on it,” Neveu said.

In fact, if they are competent and interesting, the rest should not be up for debate…

Canadian in six

It can take a long time to tell you how Health Canada is doing COVID-Macoutes at the border. And boring, as CH prepares to invade Nevada. Attila and Genghis Khan are not dead, they are in Lacol. Not customs officers.

There is still a point that you are the minority in the best country in the world. When Health Canada calls you with one of its endless messages to monitor your quarantine, you are told that a message in French will follow. We are then entitled to five minutes of quasi-Biblical reading of your quarantine obligations. in english. And then, the French “frog” is entitled. Question. So a person working at $60 an hour (easier to calculate) loses five dollars of their time before they can even hear their language. any time. Five, five, chiqueling, five, five … chiqueling …

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Why should the franc be wasting its time? Because the higher language has priority?

Canadian in six…

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