GL events are intensifying in the UK

(AOF) – On Thursday evening, GL Events announced the acquisition of a 100% stake in Field & Lawn Ltd., which provides temporary infrastructure across the UK. Founded in 1986, Field & Lawn offers four types of offerings: event structures, temporary industrial buildings, fitting and decoration of public spaces and festive lighting. It employs approximately 90 people spread across 3 sites (Edinburgh, Manchester and Bristol).

The current management team is committed to continuing to promote growth. Field & Lawn, after Govt, generates about 11 11 million in annual revenue of over% 20%.

With a portfolio of diversified clients, he is currently in the process of constructing halls for the 70th anniversary celebrations of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. In addition, he usually makes decorative Christmas lights in London, Edinburgh and other major English cities.

This acquisition strengthens the geographical presence of GL events in the United Kingdom and enables the integration and development of a new service offer: Festive Lights. This company will be responsible for the management of GL Events UK. After integration, the team can benefit from the effects of business and logistics integrations. So, in preparation for the Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham next summer, Field & Lawn is already supporting GL events UK teams.


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