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M. Poiso, L. Chowdhury, C. Madini, O. Bryant, N. Boothby – France 2

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Across the channel, large companies are struggling to bring their employees back to the office after a long telecommunications. To attract their employees to campus, they offer them money or new offers.

In London (United Kingdom), some employers drag all stops to bring their employees back to work. Office attendance is still only 50% compared to the pre-epidemic period. An investment fund that offers acting lessons to its employees, companies that host banquets with colleagues, free beer and food … or a consulting firm that offers 1,200 euros each of its 22,000 employees in the UK against forced attendance once or twice a week in the office.

These big companies offer these offers because they can afford it and it suits their interests. For example, those who allow dogs in the office prevent adopted staff from leaving them to a competitor who is more flexible in teleworking. “Can take care of [mon chien] It was a great relief to see him surrounded by other dogs throughout the day“Says Gabriella Stacey, managing director of the Soda Foundation.”It saves me money because I don’t need to keep itBut a full return of workers to office is still a long way off: in a poll, 52% of Britons say they are willing to leave instead of giving up telecommunications altogether.

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