Giant wheel, test and characters… TF1 tries a new prime time game courtesy of Arthur

  • At 9:10 p.m., on Friday evening, TF1 presents “The Wheel, the Circle of 7,” presented by host Arthur.
  • It is an adaptation of a successful British program that has already been released internationally in Spain, Sweden and the United States.
  • Principle ? With the support of various characters, players will have to answer questions about the culture of G. But this is without counting on the intervention of luck and (bad) luck with the big wheel on the board…

Something new is coming to TF1, Friday. At 9:10 p.m., the channel presents its new game: “The Wheel, the Circle of 7.” in the program ? Anonymous nominees try to earn max Euros, by answering general knowledge questions, all with the help of different characters. But why the “hurry”? Because the giant wheel with a diameter of 12 meters will bring a touch of fortune and luck to the game. Fans of the small screen will have recognized the concept of a successful British TV game that saw the light of day in 2020 and whose adaptations are already a huge hit all over the world, in Spain, Sweden and even in the United States.

In France, viewers will find on top of the entertainment king of TF1, Arthurwho immediately fell in love with the program. “This board is hypnotic,” he said during the game’s press conference, “and we instantly get caught up in the game.” the channel. He added: “The mechanics are very strong and the decor is insane. But what are the gears of this new infernal wheel?

“Human Wheel” like “Star Wars”

For Julien DeGroote, TF1 Group Development and Creation Director, “The Wheel” is a real proposition, because this new format perpetuates the tradition of great primetime game nights, one of the channel’s historic DNA. With a very impressive visual, an iconic Ferris wheel, a dimension of entertainment that allows for humor and jokes, this new event format looks very promising. Concretely, the board consists of this gigantic wheel, a kind of “human roulette” as its creator believes, whose design evokes the Jedi Council in star WarsIt is to explain at BBCin 2020. At its center is one of the three nominees for the tour, flanked by seven figures seated in armchairs. On Friday evening, viewers will discover chef Michel Sarran, journalist Philippe Manover, singer Shea and even judoka. Clarice Agpegnino.

Seven questions, seven experts, and an evil wheel

The candidate must answer a series of seven questions on seven different topics (Harry Potter, Asian cuisine, plants, etc. are each the specialty of one of the characters. This is where the stars come into play, as they will be able to help candidates respond to these stickies thanks to their expertise. But this is without counting on the intervention of the wheel … Because with each question, the wheel determines which character will help the candidate. If he is the right expert, so much the better. On the other hand, if the wheel selects a previously chosen “stupidity” among the seven stars, the candidate is eliminated. Every correct answer earns money in the cat. In the event of a wrong answer or wrong pull of the wheel, the candidate is put aside. He gives his place to another player in the hope that he, in turn, will be mistaken, which will then allow him to try his luck again. The finalist is the one who answers correctly to the seventh and last question.

What about the final? After two rounds, two of the favorites managed to get through to him. One by one, they will have to answer one last question, with the help of one of the characters in the group. Here again, the choice of the expert will be decisive in victory. The winner is the one who answers the question correctly, in the event of a tie, he wins the jackpot.

Therefore, it is a competition and a game of chance, all in a relaxed and wonderful atmosphere. “All the ingredients are there to bring the whole family together and in general, all generations to enjoy, play and learn at the same time,” according to TF1 Group Development and Creation Director. Will the “wheel” defeat you? Reply at the end of the evening.

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