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France 3
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A. Bouleis, L. Soudre, C. Madini – France 3

France Televisions

Charles III will be crowned King in London, England on Saturday, May 6. A team from France Televisions participated in the final preparations for the long-awaited ceremony.

Aldershot, a quiet little town south of London (United Kingdom), became Charles III’s backstage for rehearsals for his coronation on Sunday, April 30. On Saturday, May 6, hundreds of soldiers review millimeter movements in central London. For their part, riders must calm the horses and prepare them for the overstimulating situation.

“Once in a Lifetime”

Near Buckingham Palace, the crowd has yet to occupy the stands, but some have decided to go ahead and have already started sleeping outside. “We thought there would be a lot of people, so we wanted a good seat. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”, says a woman. With just a week to go until the coronation, queues outside London’s souvenir shops are growing.

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